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Anything you want: Simon wants a dog and Lucy is unhappy about not "becoming a woman". Matt starts smoking but Eric finds an interesting way to make him quit. Mary wants to go out with an older guy.
Family Secrets: Lucy wants a boy at school (Jimmy Moon) to notice her. Simon is worried about telling Eric and Annie that Happy is pregnant. Matt stays out all night with a pregnant girl. Eric and Annie are just glad that he's not the father. Mary wants Jeff to call her.
In the blink of an eye: Lucy has a date with Jimmy Moon that Mary tries to sabatoge. Mary wants to go see an "R" rated movie with Jeff. Annie worries about her mother's health.
No funerals and a wedding:It's Grandma Jenny's funeral and everyone is very sad. Annie is upset with the way her father is dealing with her mother's death. Mary wants to break up with Jeff.
The Color of God: The Hamilton's church is burned down because they are black. The Hamiltons come and stay with the Camdens.
Halloween: Eric is haunted by old Halloween memories and doesn't seem to enjoy Halloween. Lucy befriends a man that everyone else is afraid of because of an injury. Mary has a plan to get the house to herself. Ruthie has trouble picking out a constume. Simon really wants to win a pupkin carving contest. Matt gets a date who worries too much about Matt's appearance.
Saturday: Lucy is getting together with her new "friend" Ashley but also gets stuck babysitting Simon and Ruthie. Simon and Ruthie get lost while playing detective. Mary doesn't want any family members going to see her basketball game.
What will people say?: Simon has a crush on a girl at school but a bully makes fun of him because of it. Also, Eric tries to help an abused woman but when a nosy church lady sees them together Rumors begin to spread.
See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil: Annie and Matt have a near death experience while in the car. A man holds a gun up to their heads and steals their valubles. Ruthie and Simon have the chicken pox. Lucy runs against her boyfriend for school president. Mary wants to get a tattoo.
Last call for Aunt Julie: Aunt Julie pays a visit to Glen Oak but her behavior turns violent. The Camdens learn that she has become an alchololic and do their best to help her.
Now you see me: Matt has a new girlfriend who seems to enjoy being with his family more than she enjoys being with him. Simon tries to become invisible by using "super monkey ninja powers". Lucy wants to become a cheerleader but needs ALOT of help. Luckily, Matt helps her out.
With a little help from my friends:  Matt helps out an elderly lady (Mrs. Bink) but to protect her pride, keeps everything a secret. Eric tries to help out a homeless family. Lucy celebrates her 13 birthday!!!
America's most wanted: Mary steals a glass from the varsity in order to "earn" her place on the basketball team. Lucy feels very left out having "middle child always left out syndrome." She also has a paper due but has trouble with it so she uses Mary's old paper on the same topic and put her name on it. Simon helps Ruthie learn the National Anthem.
Seven is enough: The Colonel and Ruth pay a visit. A young boy (George) wanders into Eric's office. We learn that he is an orphan. Both the Colonel and Eric want to adopt the boy. One problem, the kids don't really like George. Annie sees a woman wearing rings that look a lot like her wedding rings that were stolen.
Happy's Valentine: Annie and Eric go on a camping trip with Morgan and Patricia Hamilton. The kids all stay together. However, Matt and Mary decide to rebell and have a wild party. Lucy is left to babysitt Simon and Ruthie. She wants to go out with Jimmy Moon so she takes Simon, Ruthie, and the Hamilton kids :Nigel and Lynn with her. She tells them to see another movie though. The cops end up busting Matt and Mary's party. Happy gets run over by a car and Simon blames Matt for not watching her. While camping, Morgan learns a deep secret about Patricia.
Choices: Mary meets a girl (Camille) in detention who invites her to go to a "wild party". It ends up just being the two of them and two other older guys. Lucy also makes up her mind about what religion she wants to go with. She also covers for Mary. Eric and Annie try to help the former Associate Pastor and end up finding out secrets about him.
Faith, Hope, and the Bottom Line: Lucy becomes very jealous of Mary when she becomes Jimmy Moon's tutor. She's afraid that Mary will steal Jimmy from her. Simon wants to join the baseball team but needs to get a tetnus shot first. He doesn't want to do that. Matt tries to help Simon get his shot but he's afraid of needles too. Simon locks himself inside his room to avoid getting a shot. Ruthie abuses her phone privlages. She also calls 911 to report that Simon was locked in his room. Annie becomes treasurer for the church. Eric wants to hire an e-convict to be an organist.
It's about George: The Colonel and Ruth return with George. However, the boy's real father now wants to be a part of George's life. Also, Aunt Julie visits Eric but has trouble connecting with the Colonel and Ruth. Jimmy Moon meets the Colonel and Ruth and is very sacred of them.
Say Goodbye:Ruthie decides to say goodbye to her imaginary friend Hooey. Lucy's best friend moves away. Annie's old friend comes for a minute but tries to make a pass at Matt. Mary sings at a night club.
Dangerous Liasions Part I: Grandpa Charles comes to visit. However, he brings a woman with him. Annie is very upset about that because she just lost her mother. Matt meets a new woman named Heather who is deaf. Mary meets a new guy but is surprised to learn that he has a son. Lucy dyes her hair blonde. At the end, Mary gets hit with a car.
Dangerous Liasions Part II: Mary is in the hospital having surgery. Everyone is very nerveous. Jimmy Moon breaks up with Lucy because she dyed her hair. Annie finaly makes peace with her father dating this new woman (Ginger).