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Jesse What If's

What if, what if. It's a game many people play in their minds. Well here are some Jesse what ifs that I created. (Note: Please don't take and use them on your own site. I put a lot of effort into creating them.)

What if Jesse were a cartoon...would he look like this?

Jesse as a cartoon

What if Jesse had brown hair?

Jesse w/ brown hair (sort of)

Jesse really w/ brown hair! He dyed it for The King and I. (His head's circled)

new4.jpg Jesse really did dye his hair brown!! lol

Hmm...what if Jesse were an alien from outer space?(In my opinion he'd still be hot! lol) Maybe he'd look like this:

Jesse as an alien

What if Jesse weren't an entertainer. What if he wasn't here for us to watch?????????
All teenage girls would cry their hearts out without Jesse. What would we do without this awesome heartthrob?????????


I'll add more what ifs later on!