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7th Heaven

7th Heaven is a great show for the entire family to watch. It is adult and kid friendly. There is humor and drama on the show. The show has been running for 9 years and hopefully will continue for many more!

The show centers around a family of 7 children. The father is a minister who always deals with tough issues. How do 7 kids survive while being PKs? Watch the show to find out!

Over the years the Camden family has grown adding new members to the family. They always welcome people into their home and are a very caring family. You've got to love the Camdens.


Why I Built This Site??

7th Heaven is my favorite show. I want to share my love for the show with you and give you a chance to enjoy "being in 7th Heaven"! 7th Heaven is a show for everybody to love and enjoy. Kids and their parents can watch this show together. It's a show everyone will agree on! As you watch you begin to feel as if you know the characters!


Eric Camden---The Glen Oak Community Minister. Is a father to 7 children and more if you count all of their "borders".

Annie Camden---Eric Camden's wife and a mother to 7 children. She is a "stay at home mom" but that doesn't mean that she doesn't do a lot of work as well.

Matt Camden---The oldest Camden child who is studying to be a doctor and is Married to Sarah Glass.

Mary Camden (Rivera)---The oldest Camden daughter. She is maried to Carlos Rivera. Has a son named Charles Miguel Rivera.

Lucy Camden (Kinkirk)---Is married to Kevin Kinkirk. Is studying to be a minister like her father. She just graduated from college She recently had a little girl named Savannah.

Simon Camden---The middle Camden child. He is going to college and is studying film production.

Ruthie Camden---The youngest Camden daughter. She is currently in high school. Is just starting to date, currently going out with a guy named Vincent.

Sam and David Camden---The Camden twins. The youngest Camdens. They are in Kindergarten. They tend to get into some, sticky situations. Bringing ice cream to school, hitting girls, running from teachers, hiding in the bathroom, etc.

Kevin Kinkirk--- Lucy's husband. Is a cop. Is the father of Savannah Kinkirk. His brother Ben tends to make unexpected visits to Glenoak.

Savannah Kinkinrk---Lucy and Kevin's little girl born on January 24, 2005 in an elevator in a department store.

Martin Brewer--A guest in the Camden household. He is considered a part of the family. He is currently living in the garage thanks to some of the church ladies.

Happy--The family dog! Was rescued by Annie from the pound.