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7th Heaven Quotes

 1. Colonel: “Can’t is not a word in the Camden Dictionary”- Changes     
2. Roxanne: “Are we just going to ignore the fact that you’re fairly monogamous?”
Chandler: “I hope so. And are we just going to ignore the fact that you’re fairly Lucy?”
Roxanne: “I hope so.” -Back In the Saddle Again
3. Simon: “On a scale of 1-10, 10 being boarding school, how much trouble am I in?”
Eric: “We can’t afford boarding school”- Dangerous Liaisons Part 1
 4. Eric: “Do you know anything about sauces”-Yak Sada
 5.Lucy: I lied and lied and lied! I wove a twisted web of lies and deceit……! They’re right behind me aren’t they?
Mary: (nods)-It Happened One Night
6. Simon: "You're not going out with Wilson, not unless you tell Robbie."
Mary: "And who are you?"
Simon: "It's me, Simon."
Mary: "I meant, who are you to tell me what to do?"
Simon: "Simon.”-Apologize
 7. Simon: I don’t fell so good.
Matt: Neither does my car.-Drunk
8. Ruthie (to Eric):We need to talk..And It’s private!
Eric: About….?
(In other room) Lucy:Boy she’s good
Matt: I've never been prouder-Drunk
9. Ruthie (to Eric) “You and God make a good team"--?
10. Lucy: Allow me, I’m sending myself to my room-It Happened One Night
11..John:(To Matt) You’re like the little boy who cried wolf except you’re the little boy who called love". -Gossip
12. Mary:Have you lost your mind?
Lucy: Lost it, or finally found it!-Faith, Hope, and the Bottom Line
13. Mary: You don’t want to date me. You want to date my
Robbie: No, I want to marry your family.--?
14. Simon and Matt come in shirtless.
Matt: You’re uncomfortable with
us walking around without shirts
but you don’t mind when Robbie
walks around shirtless, Interesting.
Lucy: I’m uncomfortable with any guys walking around
shirtless but when Robbie walks around without
a shirt it’s either because he’s going to take
a shower or he’s coming from the shower. Are
going to take a shower? Are you coming from the shower?
No!! Now go put some clothes on!
Lucy storms out.
Matt (to Simon): (mocking Lucy) Are you going to the
shower---go put
some clothes on! We’re men and we don’t have to wear shirts
if we don’t want to!
Simon: Actually I’m kind of cold.
Matt: Me too.
(They go in search of shirts)-------------(Episode:Home)
Matt: As (Hello) Kitty as my witness, I will never have another Valentines Day like this one!---Hot Pants