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Click on the poll that you want to take.
(Note: After a while I will take the poll results and post them on this page)

NEW QUIZ!!! : What do you think of Jesse's New Hair??

What do you love most about Jesse?

What's your favorite of Jesse's songs?

When have you loved Jesse the most?

Here are some more polls where you don't have to link to another page!

Are You Excited?
Are you excited about Jesse's Beautiful Soul Tour?
I guess so
Not really
No Way!

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What show do you think Jesse should gueststar on?
7th Heaven
That's So Raven
Gilmore Girls
The Suite Life

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Who should Jesse go to his prom with?
Me!! (lol)
Hilary Duff
Lindsay Lohan
Sara Paxton
Katie Cassidy
One of the Olsen Twins

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Even though this page is for polls I added my Jesse McCartney Quiz. Click on the link below to take my quiz!

My Jesse McCartney Quiz!!