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Have you ever wondered what Jesse's thinking? Here are some of my ideas for what he's trying to say!



Jesse: Woww wook ath meee...i can palk my wip wike dis!! You wike my teeth???


Jesse:wow! when i plugged the TV in look how high my hair went up!! major electricution dude.


Katie: Come on Jesse lets go.
Jesse: Just a few more minutes..let the photographers finish taking my picture
Katie: They've already taken enough Jesse! Please let's go.
Jesse: You go ahead. I need to have my pictures taken for all those great fans.
Jesse: *Which smile should i use?*
**Katie rolls eyes and walks away, Jesse has his picture taken**



Jesse: I-I-I can't believe it..i don't understand. How could you forget to bring me my california rolls? I can't make it through the day now! And where's my red bull??! 

Jesse:OOOOO Yummy Licorice....i wonder if it works  as dental floss too?


Jesse: Jeez MOM did you really have to throw me into the pull
Mom: Yes Jesse!
Jesse: But WHYYYY???
Mom:How many times do I have to tell you? I didn't do it for fun...its for a photoshoot
Jesse:What kind of shoot requires me getting wet like this? uchh...{**wooo look i can make waves in here!!!**}



Jesse: Hello?
Jesse: Kitty, are you there?
Jesse: Why won't you answer me? Why?
Jesse: Don't you know that I'm a celebrity? Please answer me!
*Jesse is really sad now*


*Thinking*: Man, I hope they finish taking pictures with this pose. I've been sitting like this for a while now and my leg is starting to fall asleep.


*Thinking* I'm so tired, what I wouldn't do for a large coffee right about now.


Jesse: Give me a J
Crowd: J
Jesse: Give me an E
Crowd: E
Jesse: Give me a S
Crowd: S
Jesse: Give me a S
Crowd: S
Jesse: Give me an E
Crowd: E
*Thinking* If this whole singing thing doesn't work out I could totally be a cheerleader.
(Note: But of course his singing career will work out cause he ROX!!)


Jesse: Wait don’t take the picture yet. I just (ha-ha) can’t stop (ha-ha) la (ha-ha) laughing.
Photographer: Oh come on Jesse I have to take the photo
Jesse: Ha-ha
*Photographer takes the picture anyway*


Jesse: Aren’t you proud of me mom, I looked both ways before crossing the street
Jesse’s mom: Yes Jesse I am extremely proud
Lea: Oh brother! *rolls eyes*


Jesse: Eeek! I’m Falling!
*Thinks*Maybe no one will notice that I’m close to falling of the stage. (LOL)


Jesse: Please, please…I pray that I can stay awake. Only a few more pictures left. Stay awake Jesse! Stay awake!
Photographer: Who are you talking to?
Jesse: zzzzzzzzzzz
Photographer: Oh well *takes picture*


Conscious: Come on Jesse, stay awake for a little while longer.
Jesse: Can’t…too tired, forgot to drink Red Bull today
Conscious: You have to stay awake
Jesse: Can’t…too tired...losing strength...zzzzzz
Conscious: Why do I even bother?


*Thinks* Yes! Finally Taylor has realized that I’m perfect for her. I just love it when she hugs me.


Jesse *Thinking* Oh Yeah! Lori is hugging me! I've liked her for so long...I knew that it wouldn’t be to long before she fell for me too.

Jesse: I should totally be a country singer...I look good in this hat!


*Thinking* Hmm…I wonder what I’d do if I weren't famous? Maybe I’d be…wait…who cares? I am famous..the fans love me! 


Jesse: Man I’m soaked! This whole surfing thing is hard work!
Stunt Double: Tell me about it.

*Thinking* No! Starbucks is closed! What am I going to do? I need my morning muffin and coffee!

*Thinking* Where are my sunglasses when I need them?


Jesse: How could you do this to me? I thought you said that you wouldn’t play anymore pranks on me and yet you dragged me into the ocean with my clothes on. Do you have any idea how long it took me to get dry?

Jesse: What? You mean I'm not doing that scene? I studied all of those lines for nothing? No!!

*Reaches for the soda* Jesse: Nooo!! My soda you cant have any! No!!!


*Jesse thinking* This girl seems nice but I’d MUCH rather be kissing Aliza. She’s so fabulous and nice and she has that great website..**Jesse McCartney Loverz World**. She is so much better than Katie. I should put her in my next music video instead.
(LOL…I know, I know…but a girl can dream, right?)


Jesse: What’s that on the floor? Ewww!! Gross! It’s some month old sushi! How’d that get there.
**Jesse has a flashback**
Mom: Jesse...remember to put the sushi back in the fridge when you’re done with it
Jesse: Okay
(30 min later)
Jesse: Now what was I supposed to do with that sushi again? Oh well…I’ll just put it under my bed.
**Jesse comes back to reality**
Jesse: Oh yeah…now I remember! Hahahahaha....but still gross.


Jesse: Come here and give me a big hug!
Timmy *Thinking*: Uh oh! Jesse wants to hug me again. He’ll squish me!
Jesse *Hugs Timmy*
Timmy: Ah!!! Can’t breathe! Losing air! Let go of me Jesse!!!!!!!

Jesse: *looks up* What's that? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a screaming fan hanging from the ceiling with a sign saying "I love you Jesse". How cool!


*Thinking* Wow, I'm standing up here with Paris Hilton, now that's hot!


Jesse: Wait no, don't take the picture yet! I'm not ready for my close up! Ahhh!!
*Jesse tries to run away but the photographers follow him*


Jesse: This is so funny! I could sit here all day and read.
J's Manager: Jesse, come on it's time to rehearse for the show.
Jesse: But I'm reading a magazine
J's Manager: Jesse, you know the rules, no magazines until after you've finished up practice
Jesse: What are you, my mom?
J's Manager: Yes, I am you Mother and you'll do what I say. Go practice.
Jesse: Okay, fine but then can I read my magazine?
J's Manager: Yes of course sweetie, after you clean your room too.
*Jesse rolls his eyes*


*Thinking* Oh yeah! This is 
definitely one of the perks of being famous---free toys, free food, and photographs.


 Jesse: It’s so cold *shivers* Must find heat, must get warm. So cold!


 Jesse: Come on everyone, do the wave
Jamie Lynn: Stop it Jesse, everyone’s staring at us
Jesse: That’s what they’re supposed to be doing
Jamie Lynn: Yeah but their not supposed to stare at us like we’re crazy.

*Thinking* Oh yeah! Im finally taller then Frankie! Go Me!


 *Thinks* Ooo I like her!

Jesse: Wait! Come back so I can kiss you! Wait!

*Thinks* This bunny is hugging me too tightly. It's a little uncomfortable. Argh! Can't breathe.


Jesse: Hmm…I wonder if this pose makes me look extra intelligent or if it just looks like I’m biting my nails.


*Thinks* What should I write? Oh no I’m out of autograph ideas. Maybe I’ll just write Jesse or maybe JMac.
Person in line: Come on I’m waiting
Jesse: I’m going as fast as I can
Person in line: Oh just forget it *grabs CD back*
Jesse: Hey! Wait! I wasn’t done with that. (Jesse's sad)


Jesse: Can’t see…sunglasses not helping…sun in my eyes. Ahh I’m blind!
Timmy: Jesse, open your eyes
Jesse: It’s a miracle, I can see!
Timmy: *Rolls eyes*
(Note:This caption was inspired by my friend Katie's  experience. LOL)


Jesse: Uhhh…how does the song go again?
Manager: I don’t want another pretty face, I don’t want just anyone to hold…c’mon Jesse get with the program.
Jesse: Sorry! Dude, if you think you could do a better job why don’t you sing the song?
Manager: Cause you’re the one with the pretty face.
Jesse: Oooooh!


Jesse: Come on Lea, stop fixing your hair and get in the car.
Lea: But what if I meet a hot guy. I need to look hot too.
Jesse: Don’t worry about it!
Lea: But..
Jesse: Get in the car or we’ll be late
Lea: But I need to look sexy for the guys
Jesse: Girls *rolls eyes*
Lea: Guys *rolls eyes*


Jesse: Ryan, what do you mean I have to get to the set an hour earlier? I don’t want to wake up any earlier! No amount of coffee or Red Bull will be able to keep me awake if I get up any earlier!
Ryan: Don’t tell it to me, tell it to Lori.
Jesse: Why?
Ryan: Because it was her idea.
Jesse: But she’s so smart…why would she come up with a dumb idea? Waking up earlier? Now that’s just NUTS!


Jesse *Thinking* Must beat Ryan at arm wrestling. Must prove that I’m stronger! Must win!
Ryan: Do you want to forfeit now or later?
Jesse: NO!! I will have victory!
*Jesse gets a burst of energy and beats Ryan at arm wrestling*

Jesse: Dude--Do you have any idea how heavy this thing is? I should get a medal for carrying this.


Oh man! I spilt coffee on my favorite shirt! This will never come out before the interview! Wait a second…this is hot coffee…Ahhhh!!!!

Man I need a break...I have a serious headache!


Jesse: Man I am sooo cold and tired! I just want a nice comfy bed a fluffy pillow and a warm blanket. But you know what….this wall looks comfy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Photographer: Wake up!
Jesse: Just 5 more minutes mommy
Photographer: Huh?
Jesse: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Jesse: OMG! I’m so hungry…this microphone looks tasty. Mmmmmm… it's sooo good.
Dory: Jesse, why are you eating a microphone?
Jesse: Umm…I can explain!
Dory: Don’t’s okay...really.
Jesse: But…I was just so hungry and the microphone just looked so tasty and…oh never mind!
Dory: It's okay Jesse...we all have strange I think soap tastes good.
Jesse: Ewwww!!!
Dory: This coming from the guy who eats microphones! Hmmph!