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I know we were all upset when Summerland was cancled but heyy...ITS COMING TO THE-N FOR RERUNS...better then nothing!! yay!! :D ♥

We are all so sad to see Summerland go! It is such a great family show..the best on TV. And what will I do without my Jesse fix every Monday night???  Well at least I can watch the episodes I've taped over and over again. LOL. Well, we'll see more of Jesse even thought Summerland's over. He'll be in a film called Keith next year and is still touring. And hopefully he'll have another album out soon. I know I'd buy it in an instant!!!

All or most of you know that Jesse stars on the hit WB show, "Summerland" he plays Bradin on the show.
Jesse decribes his character as "one promiscuous dude".
Bradin always seems to be getting into trouble with either school, surfing, girls, etc. But Jesse himself believes that Bradin will turn out okay because of his loving family.
The show also stars:
Lori Loughlin: Ava Gregory (Aunt Ava)
Shawn Christian: Johnny Durant
Merrin Dungey: Susannah Rexford
Taylor Cole: Erika Spalding
Ryan Kwanten: Jay Robertson
Kay Panabaker: Nikki Westerly
Nick Benson: Derrick Westerly
Shelly Bruckner: Amber Star
Zac Effron: Cameron Bale
Carmen Electra: Mona
Jesse McCartney: Bradin Westerly

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