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Most Recent Update: NEW!! 
9/26/07: Hey Jesse Fans!! I apologize again for neglecting this site..everythings just been so crazy with work and school and well yeah. But coming later today are gonna be so really great updates. So get exciteddd =]]]

NOTE: Please, please visit the forum. If people don't go to it the forum will serious..they will shut down the forum if people don't post on it so please visit it! Thank you!

Welcome to **Jesse McCartney Loverz World**. This site is (obviously) dedicated to the (almost) 20 year old singer/actor, and heartthrob JESSE MCCARTNEY!
What can I say about Jesse?... He is so great! He's really got a beautiful soul (not to mention beautiful eyes and smile).
Let me just say not only is he my deffinition of drop dead gorgeous, he is also very talented. I love his CD very much and listen to it..umm.. how shall I say this?...Frequently! Not to mention the fact that I have seen every episode of Summerland. Jesse is one very talented guy!
I hope you enjoy the photos, forums, polls, captionz, etc. Please remember to sign my guestbook! Thanx!
(Note: I am in no relation to Jesse McCartney's official site, this is simply a fan site! And also...I AM NOT JESSE MCCARTNEY!!)

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This heart is for Jesse!


Red Rose, Spinning
This rose represents my love 4 Jesse. LOL!