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Caption This

You've seen some of the Captionz that I've created...Now it's your turn. Here are a few photos. Your job is to tell me what YOU think Jesse's saying


Your Submissions:
Jesse:Hey, what's up there?? What is that...
oh... just another fan who has sent me an airplane message that says hmmmmmm... oh good one!! It says Jesse is my Beautiful Soul. Awww that's sweet.
He is seeing me(a beautiful girl) and he just canīt close his mouth
hey, what is that, ahh, it is heading right for me, someone save me, help!!!!
(by Emily Assoulin:
Jesse: Whoah! There's another fan. It looks like she's about to jump of the plan. Pls. don't cos I don't wanna catch you. You're too heavy.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
(by Jasmine:
OMG!!!! Who is that gorgeous girl? Is that Erika.... Dang she be looking good!!!
he's not sayin' anything.he's singin'.
this is off of th' beautiful soul
Jesse: Is that a bird?
Director: No that's another fan *rolls eyes*. You should be used to that by now!
Jesse: Oh...ok
(Jesse McCartney

What do you think Jesse's saying?
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Your Submissions:
1. Jesse: Why did u tell me I sang good, when really u thought i sang HORRIBLE! Now, i HUMILIATED myself in front of all those ppl!!!

Other Guy: Im sorry if i hurt you.

Jesse: u didnt! u would have to throw a rock at me to hurt me!

Other Guy: oh, ok. (throws rock)

(by Sarah: is good but not that good
(by Monica:

3.what did you just say to me?

(by Hilary:

What do you think Jesse's saying?
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1. Hey let me out of here!!!!
Save me mindy and if you do i will love you forever!!!!
(by Mindy Deforge:
2. What did I ever do to you?! LET ME OUT!!!!
(By "Jesse Mccartney Lover"

What do you think Jesse's saying?
Email Address:

Your Submissions:
1. Jesse: hey, jail guy.... ummm..... how are you??? could i ummm.... get u a another donut??? if u just let me out, that would be great!

Jail Guy: sorry kid, I cant. altho when u do get out, i could use more donuts!!
2. Help me get out my stupid friends from dreamstreet locked me in here cuz i was telling them that they suck and i am going solo
Jesse: hey guys this isnt funny any more let me out
The guy: are u kidding it is tottally funny
Other guy: yeah and he has a concert in half an hour
Jesse: come on i do not want to dissapoint my fans the guy: oh that is so cute
Other guy: your totally right it is cute

More coming soon....

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